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Product Designer. Developer.

Strategist. Mentor. Writer. Sunshine Lover.

Hi! I am Archana, a Product Designer with a Software Engineering background. I am a creative problem-solver who takes charge, stays organized and brings new perspectives to problems. I excel at content strategy, designing feasible solutions, cross-functional collaboration and developing positive relationships with stakeholders.

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I made the pivot from software engineering to human-centered design with the wish of connecting with people, to understand and address their needs and create impactful solutions.

I am currently as a solo designer at Desklight Learning, where I lead the design and strategy for several clients like McGraw Hill, Smithsonian and MetroNational. As a user experience designer at Open, I worked with a fortune 100 financial services company, where I prototyped an AI powered chatbot based on insights from synthesizing quantitative research.


My background in software engineering in the B2B space at Oracle NetSuite enables me to create practical and data-driven designs, build functional prototypes, understand full-stack development and can collaborate cross-functionally across design, research and engineering teams.

Master of Human-Computer Interaction
Bachelor of Computer Science

Awards I Have Won

Screen Shot 2023-08-03 at 11_edited.jpg
Game Design Finalist

European Conference on Games Based Learning, Denmark 2024

Image by MD Duran
Student Speaker at

University of Kansas 2021

Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng
Grace Hopper Celebration
Student Scholarship

Women in Tech

Conference 2018

Image by Ali Abdul Rahman
Excellence Award

 University of Kansas 2017

Outside of Work, I Am..

A teacher & mentor

I empathize with and guide students, and remind myself to never stop learning.

A creative writer

I think outside the box and capture my ideas through the power of words.

An artist

 I never stop taking courageous risks and finding beauty in everything around me.

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