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Smart Repairs

A mobile app showcasing motion design animation for augmented reality and an AI chatbot, which guides users on how to repair their bikes at home with interactive animated tutorials


Archana Ramakrishnan, Aparna Maya Warrier, An Tang, Joanie Lam

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A Commuter's Struggle

"As a daily commuter, I have to maintain my bike regularly so that I can travel without any issues. However, I do not know how to fix minor issues that happen often.” 
Image by KBO Bike
Image by Chang Duong

Empowering Customers with Repair Culture

Customers of Giant bicycles who were commuters wished for a seamless everyday experience. Since the biking community is big in college towns, commuter-friendly cities and places with natural trails, they sought help from peers, experts and experienced bikers first, before they went in to a service center.

If customers are empowered with do-it-yourself maintenance based on their peers' advice, they get instant and efficient care for their bikes. This way, Giant bicycles can set itself apart from competitors by giving a concrete idea to durability. Through personalized care instructions, reminders and input from other bikers, Giant will become a trusted brand for all biking enthusiasts.


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View augmented reality instructions and talk to a chatbot for quick repairs

Rapid troubleshooting using an Al Chatbot which immediately diagnoses the issue and provides personalized guidance

Value for Customers

  • A Community of Bikers: Bikers help each other through their shared experiences based on which the chatbot learns and grows.

  • Step-By-Step Assistance: Guided instructions for maintenance using augmented reality which helps customers easily visualize instructions rather than reading a dense instructional manual.

Value for the Business

  • Improved Design: Understand frequently encountered problems to troubleshoot the design of bikes in the future.

  • Growing Customer Base: When the app gains popularity from the feeling of community and word of mouth among commuter and biker groups, the customer base grows.

Set Smart Reminders to Set Routine Checkups

After a successful repair, customers can save it for themselves and share it with the community.

Value for Customers

  • A Schedule for Repairs: Bikers benefit from elongating the life of the bike by working on regular repairs.

  • Option to Revisit Instructions: The instructions are captured in a history so that they can use them again as needed.

Value for the Business

  • Creating a Repair Culture: There is a huge potential to promote sustainable living by equipping customers with quick repair techniques at their fingertips.

  • Inform Priorities Based on Usage Data: With recurring repairs, the business can collect data to analyze customer trends and decide with features to prioritize.

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